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We aim to help Startups & Businesses all over the place to develop next-gen iOS apps with leading-edge technology.

iOS App Development Services we offer

Cliff Minds is one of the top leading iOS app development companies. Our unshakeable code ensures that every mobile app built here is of immense quality, and apps that are live on the App Store are testimony of our development acumen.

IOS (IPhone Apps)



Experience meets innovation in iOS app development

We are an iOS application development company that creates highly robust and functional iOS mobile apps to suit all your business needs. In-house consultants, designers, and apple developers cover the entire product development life cycle, from finding the right product-market fit to developing and launching your app on the market for all iOS devices.We assist a wide range of Startups and Businesses around the world to develop next-generation iOS applications using cutting-edge technologies.

The process we use to develop iOS apps

Our iOS application development solutions across industries have helped our clients reach their digital goals. Whether it is framework development, application architecture, or UI/UX, we deliver excellence at every stage.

Research & Consulting

We start with what we call Phase Zero. A data collection and marketing research phase in which we study your app, your company and your end users.


Our designing team knows very well how to produce interfaces which are pleasing to eyes. We efficiently use core data, core graphics.

App Development

Our team of apple developers build advanced algorithms and provide leadership on the fronts of architecture and technical aspects for development of core apps.

Upgradation and Migration of iOS apps

Our apple iOS developers build apps for several iOS versions and make sure that all the apps are upgraded for better user satisfaction.

Testing & QA

Our team is well equipped with both automatic and manual testing tools. We use cutting edge methods to debug your app from all the malwares.

Libraries for iOS Development

here are a vast number of Libraries accessible to Integrating the iOS editors and designing components, Some of these iOS libraries are extremely easy to use. Below is the List of the top Libraries used by our expert Developers.


RxSwift has a huge universe. The RxSwift iOS library has been developed exclusively to support nonsynchronous programming. It represents one of the key resources for developing explicit iOS apps. This library supports reactive programming, making it easy for developers to create dynamic iOS applications.xSwift also has some avant- garde features like maps, flat maps, marble diagrams, etc


CocoPods Library is a popular dependency manager for Swift and object-oriented programming languages. It used to scale iOS app development projects and comes with something like 58,000 libraries. There are over 1000 combinations of code libraries available in CocoaPods’ open-source community.

SDWebImage library

The SDWebImage library is perfect for asynchronous image downloads of iOS images, and comes with a non-current picture downloading feature that is worthwhile to include in any iOS application development project. For developers, it supports caching and can support PNG, JPEG, and GIF picture positions.


Alamofire is one of the most popular libraries for organizing HTTP sets in Swift. It manages many functions like statistical metrics, network enhancement, HTTP methods, authentication services, and routing requests. Alamofire includes cutting edge technologies that encourage iOS app development companies to hire mobile app developers to improve their applications.