Improving medical care by delivering world-class healthcare application development services

We are a healthcare app and web development company providing award-winning healthcare solutions to leading health brands in the world.

Enabling Fast-Paced Healthcare Ecosystem with Advanced Digital Solutions

A healthcare application development company specializing in improving every aspect of healthcare with technology-powered solutions, we help clinics manage and lower costs, as well as more efficiently treat patients. Our team has worked on more than 6+ digitalization projects since 2018, solving three of the biggest challenges on the road to complete healthcare digitalization: governance, organizational structure, and mindset. We have the experience and resources to handle your healthcare project.

There is a lot to offer in the healthcare application development industry but why Cliff Minds.

We integrate your product into the complete Homecare and Healthcare ecosystem. As a result of our extensive exposure to doctors, patients, pharmacies, delivery systems, prescription systems, and electronic health records, we are able to successfully accomplish this.

We Design Compliance-Friendly Platforms for Healthcare Apps

The Cliff Minds medical app developers understand the prerequisites of developing an international standard compliant digital solution with mass care at the heart of the digital healthcare process. This makes us one of the top health app development companies out there.


Our mobile & web apps are HIPAA compliant, which means all confidential patient information is protected when it is saved on mobile devices or transmitted using the client-server model.


All of our apps focused on using GPS location, providing educational information, video games to motivate patients, recording doctors’ conversations, or offering counseling based on patients’ traits like age, gender, or behavior are FDA compliant.


We develop Healthcare softwares that comply with the HITECH Act. Despite strict enforcement of HIPAA based Privacy and Security rules, the organization successfully passes all the security audits conducted to ensure strict compliance.



For the medical app & web development industry, we follow the concepts and SaMD risk categories detailed by the International Medical Device Regulators Forum.


By following the Health Level 7 organization’s standards, we share, exchange, integrate, and retrieve health information. When improving clinical practice and management, we also regard the standards as our bicycle.


We follow all GDPR compliance standards during the collection, processing, and securing of your data. Although GDPR rules call for a special level of protection for sensitive information, we ensure that every data your application works with is highly secure.


We have designed our healthcare solutions to make them BYOD-friendly. Our team of healthcare experts specialize in implementing a MDM (Mobile Device management) strategy which assists organizations control PHI in real-time in a secure environment.

The 4Cs that make us the best in the medical app development business

As healthcare software developers, we integrate robust mobile infrastructure to support clinicians, healthcare providers, and patients in a dynamic environment. We achieve this through our 4C model of a digital healthcare backbone.


Regulations and rules surrounding digital healthcare compliance should be followed by healthcare applications.


The healthcare app domain is huge, but it all boils down to how comprehensive the solution is for the stakeholders.


The industry needs a healthcare app solution that allows seamless, secure communication between patients and doctors. We cater to this need with our team of healthcare app developers.


Patients' information should be treated as a privilege that must be respected. The data should be maintained confidentially.